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Edizioni Carrara

In 1912, the Commendatore Vittorio Carrara started a music print shop, which soon became a full-fledged publishing business with a focus on sacred and recreational music, which was also joined in 1915 by the publication of the periodical publications “La Schola Cantorum” and “L’Organista liturgico.”
In the following years, Edizioni Carrara focused on the educational area, first creating “La Melopea educativa” (a periodical of songs, choirs and scenes for schools and theatres) and then adding the publishing of educational texts and school manuals, instrumental and vocal repertoires, essays and dissertations, and much more.
On June 12th, 2006, Vinicio Carrara, a historical figure of the musical publishing house, leaving to his son Vittorio Carrara Jr the task to expand operations into the broader European scene.
In 2020, Edizioni Carrara has been acquired by the Gruppo Editoriale Volontè & Co., established in Milan in 2008, which had previously acquired and relaunched other historical Italian musical publishing brands such as Rugginenti, Casa Musicale Eco and Edizioni Lanaro.
In 2022, on the 110 anniversary of their creation, Edizioni Carrara will boast a catalogue consisting of about 3,500 publications, divided between works of sacred choral music, polyphonic music, secular vocal music, organ music, piano music, instrumental music in general, basic didactics, applied didactics, essays and dissertations.